Sunday, February 12, 2012

reStructuredText to ...

Convert reStructuredText files to...

rst2blogger - HTML to post on blogs. Hmm, thanks Doug :-)
rst2hatena - posts for Hatena's Diary service.
rst2marsedit - HTML that can be used with the MarsEdit blogging tool.
rst2atom - skip the whole "blog" thing and send your rst directly to XML ATOM 1.0 feed readers.
blohg - blog posts (stored in Mercurial.)

rst2beamer - the Beamer LaTeX document class for presentations.
slides - the Beamer LaTeX document class for presentations.
rst2odp - odp files for OpenOffice Impress. Probably nicer than using the GUI ;-)
rst2slides - an HTML5 slideshow.
bruce - an interactive OpenGL slideshow.
StarScream - a DHTML slideshow.
landslide - an HTML slideshow.

handcrank - a static website.
soho - a static website.
flask-rst - a static website.
rest2web - a static website.
cyrax - a static website.

sphinx - your project's documentation. And then some*.

rst2pdf - PDF using ReportLab.
rst2texinfo - texinfo (the official documentation format of the GNU project.)
rst2xamlXAML for WPF and Silverlight / Moonlight.
rstex - a more powerful version of the built-in LaTeX support docutils provides (inline math, equations, references, and raw latex.)

restxml - XML using XSLT. Oh, yes.

Sorry if your tool isn't on this list. I tried :-)

* there's a whole other blog post listing Sphinx extensions... later... :-)


  1. Richard -

    Thanks for the mention of rst2odp, I also wrote rst2epub2. The latter tool can create eBooks (epub) for Apple, B&N and Kobo, but also creates input that transforms nicely to mobi which is what Amazon requires. I haven't tried epubmaker, but rst2epub2 has been used to create Project Gutenberg files in the past.

  2. Thanks Matt. rst2epub2 isn't in this list because it's a survey of what I found on PyPI.

  3. blohg is another rst blog & static site generator

  4. also: blogofile and tinkerer (both static website generators)

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