Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some new packages that look interesting

d - "If you have a small project and want to quickly write some docs that don't look like ass." It uses Markdown, pygments and pyquery and keeps things simple. It has none of the capabilities, nor the complexities, of Sphinx.
success - "import success" (waiting for the module to be uploaded though ;-)
Airy - a new Web application development framework. "Contrast to most currently available frameworks, Airy doesn’t use the standard notion of HTTP requests and pages. Instead, it makes use of WebSockets and provides a set of tools to let you focus on the interface, not content delivery."
timerange - generates list of dates in various formats.
pbs - "PBS is a unique subprocess wrapper that maps your system programs to Python functions dynamically." An example given is:
from pbs import ifconfig
print ifconfig("eth0")


  1. pbs looks fantastic for hiding the subprocess boilerplate in system scripts.

    Is this going to be a regular series now?

  2. Hopefully more regular than it has been ;-)

  3. pbs is very scary. Have a look at how it is implemented (surprisingly short), particularly how "from pbs import *" in scripts is supported....

    As for "d" - "nor the complexities, of Sphinx" - I've not found basic usage of Sphinx complex at all. Sure advanced usage can get kind of, well, advanced - but basic usage remains basic. The only *requirement* is an index document listing your pages. So *personally* I don't have a use case for d. Especially not as I prefer rst to markdown.

  4. pbs is awesomely scary, especially the argument handling, backgrounding and context manager bits :-)